Solutions for Success

Services include social support, linkage to and coordination among allied service providers, and a full range of human services that facilitate recovery and wellness contributing to an improved quality of life. These services can be flexibly staged and may be provided prior to, during, and after treatment. RSSs may be provided in conjunction with treatment, and as separate and distinct services, to individuals and families

Recovery support services are provided by staff members who are familiar with their community’s support for people seeking to live free of alcohol and drugs. Often recovery support services are provided by peers—people in recovery.




Recovery support services may include the following: Case management and individual services coordination, providing linkages with other services (e.g., Detox, Substance Abuse Treatment, Recovery Housing Programs, MAT Medication Assistance Treatment, legal services, social services,); Outreach; Relapse prevention; Housing assistance and services; Transportation to and from treatment, recovery support activities. Peer-to-peer services, mentoring, and coaching; Self-help and support groups (e.g., 12-step groups, SMART Recovery®, Substance abuse education.)

Informational support—provision of health and wellness information, educational assistance, and help in acquiring new skills, ranging from life skills to employment readiness. (e.g., voting rights, driver’s license)

Instrumental support—concrete assistance in task accomplishment, especially with stressful or unpleasant tasks (e.g., filling out applications, obtaining public benefits) or providing supports such as transportation to support group meetings.

Affiliation support—opportunity to establish positive social connections with others in recovery to learn social and recreational skills in an alcohol- and drug-free environment.

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